The bright lights of EDM band Rufus du Sol “made my camera happy”

Australian trio Rüfüs du Sol brought their electronic dance music to the Wilma on Wednesday night, dazzling the crowd with their beats and bright lights. (William Munoz/Missoula Current)

I am always looking for compelling visual imagery when photographing live music concerts, whether coming form the lighting effects or the energy a performer projects from the stage.

The challenge for me is to show the feeling that the crowd experiences in the moment. The major performers of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) will almost always come to town with great lighting — this makes my effort as a photographer easy.

The genera, however, is not my favorite style of music.

For some time, I have been aware of the Australian trio Rüfüs du Sol. I sensed their music was not typical of the EDM genera. I knew they would be bringing great lights. They also brought with them Australian brother sister duo Lastling.

I was not disappointed. Call it what you want, indie dance or alternative dance music, but they use a live drum set rather than the electronic heavy bass typical of EDM.

Yes it was loud and yes, the crowd was completely into the experience. For me the photographer, the lights made my camera happy.