More music: Mountain Line kicks off Electric Stream Sessions on electric bus

Elijah Jalil conducts a sound check on a Mountain Like electric bus before a live stream concert on Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2020. (William Munoz/Missoula Current)

This past March, local musicians lost their performance venues to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Soon after, Mountain Line began to explore ways it could expand its mission of transporting the public and connecting it to live music. What resulted was a partnership with the Trail 103.3 and Montana Area Music Association (MAMA) to create a five week live stream concert series to benefit local musicians.

The first live event was held this week and featured well known Missoula musician Tom Catmull and up and coming artist Elijah Jalil. They’re calling it the Electric Stream Sessions.

The stage is one of the new electric buses that Mountain Line is bringing into service. This space allows for the performers to sing with or without a mask, isolated from other people. The bus was set up under the pavilion in Caras Park.

Each concert is live streaming to the Mountain Line’s Facebook page.

Many local businesses stepped up to sponsor each of the performances. Morgenroth and Nourishing Cultures sponsored the first concert. Shanti Guitars, MAMA,and Cognizant-ATG will be sponsoring the remainder of the concerts.

“It might be one of the most unique venues I’ll ever sing in, but I also love that this venue , an electric bus, is connecting our music with a symbol of sustainability and clean air,” said Maria Zepeda, the lead vocalist for Emzee and Silas, who will be performing August 26.

Tom Catmul plays on a Mountain Line bus as part of a live stream concert series. (William Munoz/Missoula Current)