Global investor to return to Missoula with national Tech Tour

Global startup investor Paul Singh, pictured in Missoula last year, will return to the Garden City next month to meet with local entrepreneurs in a three-day tour sponsored by the Montana Technology Incubation Center at the University of Montana. (Martin Kidston/Missoula Current)

By Martin Kidston/Missoula Current

Global startup investor Paul Singh will return to Missoula next month to meet with local entrepreneurs and economic developer leaders in a three-day tour sponsored by the Montana Technology Incubation Center at the University of Montana.

Singh, who has invested in more than 1,700 companies in 50 countries, stopped in Missoula last July as part of his “Results Junkies” tour to sit with the founders of several local startups. After his stop, he said local business founders were savvy in their efforts, though he sensed a lack of urgency.

He’ll return to Missoula to test the waters once again and offer his expert advice.

“The real goal of the Tech Tour is to bring functional expertise and venture capital dollars to parts of North America that don’t regularly get the same amount of attention as the well-known tech hubs,” Singh said. “It’s important to realize that technology is so interwoven into business that every startup or entrepreneur needs to understand how to make it work for them.”

The tour, arranged in part by Andy Gordon and Clearas Water Recovery – a successful Missoula-based technology startup – will include free office hours open to the public, tours of incubators with local innovators, and a series of pitch sessions.

With stops in more than 50 cities booked between this year and last, the “Results Junkies” look to offer support and guidance while getting to know the local business community.

“This tour isn’t just for companies that want to raise venture capital money, or tech startups trying to be the next Uber for this or Uber for that,” Singh said. “We want brick-and-mortar businesses, too, and those who are working on their own entrepreneurial dream.”

The Missoula Current will cover and preview the event once a firm schedule is released. The tour is currently slated for the end of June.

“We’re looking forward to being back in Montana,” Singh said. “We’ll be bringing more notable co-investors (including high net -worth individuals) that want to learn more about the ecosystem, the startups and the firms that are making it all happen.”