Butte seeks second flight to Denver by June 2020

Butte’s airport is working to secure a United flight to Denver by the summer of 2020. (DIA photo)

(KPAX) Officials with the Bert-Mooney Airport in Butte are confident they will have a second flight out of Butte in the new year.

“We’re hoping, again, for the target of being June 2020 for this extra flight during the peak season,” said Assistant Airport Manager Jim Kambich.

The Department of Transportation recently awarded SkyWest the contract to be the airport’s essential carrier for two daily flights to Salt Lake City. City officials are now pursuing an additional flight to Denver with United.

The city just raised the $400,000 needed in guaranteed revenue to entice United to Butte.

“It will be very interesting moving forward, but getting that community support is vital,” said Kambich.

Officials say 2020 will present many challenging opportunities for the airport.