Last May, Caamp opened for Rainbow Kitten Surprise at the Wilma Theater. They returned in the fall and played at the Top Hat.

Soon after that show, the band's popularity took off, reflecting the group's promise and rising popularity. They sold out the concert in the Wilma quickly this past summer, marking their upward trajectory.

Caamp comes from Columbus, Ohio, the capital of the state but likely better known as the home of "The" Ohio State University. I remember being impressed with their music and hoped to see them again. They have a folksy sound that speaks to their Midwestern roots.

The audience that came to see them in Missoula was the younger, high-school type, with a touch of older women. They knew the lyrics to the songs and sang along, sometimes louder than the band.

Clearly this band resonates.

If I have one critique it would be the lack of interaction between songs. There was little interaction with the audience outside the music itself. Stage presence is vital to success on the live concert scene, but Caamp is definitely creating music worth hearing.

(William Munoz/Missoula Current)
(William Munoz/Missoula Current)