We are endorsing Jean Curtiss for Missoula county commissioner. We have known Jean for years and we know her to be an honest, genuine, committed public servant for all of the years she has been in the County Commission.  She grew up in Seeley Lake but has lived in Missoula for years so she has a deep knowledge and understanding of all the issues facing county government, not just the issues facing the city of Missoula.

If you live in the county, you may want to vote for a candidate, Jean, who will represent you, not just citizens in the city of Missoula. She understands the urban/rural balance. She is not a one-issue candidate. Some who are blaming the current commissioners for problems have no idea how the county and state government work. Some decisions are made by state agencies or offices, yet others are blaming the county commissioners for them. People should do their homework before they criticize.

Jean has served on various boards and committees in the county and truly understands how they function, such as the board of directors for the Western Montana Mental Health Center and the Child Development Center. She truly cares about the clients they serve. We cannot risk losing her level of knowledge and experience. We lost that at the federal level and we now know that it doesn’t work well.