CNN poll presents Bullock among 16 potential Democratic candidates for president

Gov. Steve Bullock

Poll figures released Sunday by CNN have Montana Gov. Steve Bullock listed among a field of 16 potential Democratic candidates for the 2020 presidential election.

Former vice president Joe Biden leads the field with 33 percent, followed by Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders at 13 percent. Bullock polled less than 1 percent in the early poll.

According to CNN, the poll asked Democrats and independents leaning Democratic to pick their preferred candidate from the field of 16.

Only six of those candidates garnered 5 percent or more of the poll, including former Secretary of State John Kerry and New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker, both at 5 percent.

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren polled 8 percent, and California Sen. Kamala Harris polled 9 percent. Bullock and Maryland Rep. John Delaney took the 15th and 16th spots, respectively.

According to the poll, around 47 percent of Americans believe President Donald Trump won’t be elected to a second term, while 46 percent believe he will.

At a recent Kansas rally, Trump said he was “dreaming” of running against any one of the Democratic candidates.

“So far, I’m dreaming of those (2020 presidential) candidates,” Trump said. “I see those candidates before my eyes. Every night before I go to sleep. Sometimes while I’m sleeping I love them so much.”

While Bullock hasn’t announced his candidacy, he did make several trips to Iowa this year as he explores the possibility