Tester endorses Bullock for president; Bullock announces on Face the Nation

Sen. Jon Tester has endorsed Gov. Steve Bullock in his presidential bid – a backing announced on Sunday as the Montana governor appeared on Face the Nation.

“I count myself incredibly fortunate to work hand-in-hand with my friend, U.S. Senator Jon Tester, whose fight against big money and leadership for rural America has transcended the Washington divide to get things done,” Bullock said in statement.

“As a farmer, Senator Tester understands the unique challenges Middle America faces and he’s done that by showing up and working hard. I’m honored to have the guidance, advice, and support of a proud flat-top farmer and Montana companion.”

Tester is the only active farmer in the U.S. Senate. He won reelection last year despite President Donald Trump’s attacks and a fierce campaign to see him defeated by his Republican challengers.

Tester won by more than 10 points in 2016 while Bullock won a second term by 4 points. Trump won Montana by more than 20 points.

In a statement, Tester praised Bullock as the leader America needs to win back places Democrats lost, break Washington gridlock and create a government that ensures every American has a fair shot at success.

“The next President of the United States needs to be able to put politics aside and bring this country together,” Tester stated. “We need someone in the White House who wants to get dark money out of our campaigns and create opportunity in rural America.

“Someone with a track record of delivering jobs and healthcare, who has proven they can bridge the partisan divide. That’s why I am endorsing my friend, Governor Steve Bullock, to be our next President.”