VIDEO: Tester looks to push Blackfoot-Clearwater Stewardship Project through Congress

What was billed as a reintroduction of the Blackfoot-Clearwater Stewardship Act turned into a full-fledged celebration of the Montana landscape on Friday and the clear, cold waters pouring from the state’s prized wilderness.

Sen. Jon Tester used the Kettlehouse Brewery on the banks of the Blackfoot River to announce his plans to reintroduce the popular act, which remains locked in the Senate’s Energy and Natural Resource Committee despite having the support of 73 percent of Montana residents.

His entire remarks are included in this video.

“We need to get it out of that committee and have some success passing this as a standalone piece of legislation, or attaching it to another piece of legislation that’s moving forward,” Tester said. “As in many things, you may ask why a bill like this can’t get passed. I’ll be damned if I can give you an answer to that question.”

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