Hollenbaugh, commissioner of Montana Labor and Industry, set to retire by year’s end

Galen Hollenbaugh

The commissioner of the Montana Department of Labor and Industry will retire at the end of this year after holding the position for two years, Gov. Steve Bullock said in a statement.

Galen Hollenbaugh started with the agency in 2012 and became its commissioner in 2017. He has worked for the state for more than 25 years and will retire on Dec. 31.

“I have deeply appreciated Commissioner Hollenbaugh’s dedication to making sure we build a state where economic opportunities are available for all those who contribute to our workforce,” said Governor Bullock. “Montana is better off today because of Galen’s innovative leadership in enhancing opportunities for young Montanans and helping current workers upskill into better paying jobs.”

During his tenure, Hollengaugh led efforts to help ensure the state keeps pace with the demand for skilled workers while strengthening partnerships with the private sector to address Montana’s future workforce needs.

He is also credited for building on the success of various programs.

“Supporting the workforce and the economic growth of our state has been the highlight of my career in state government,” said Hollenbaugh. “I leave with a sincere gratitude for the employees of the State of Montana, who are highly talented and dedicated. Their willingness to work tirelessly to improve our state has inspired me throughout my career.”

Tom Lopach, Bullock’s former chief of staff, will serve as the agency’s interim commissioner.