I remember taking my children on the Mountain Line bus for the first time. They relished the opportunity to drop coins in the register and they loved pulling the cable when we were ready to disembark.

As they got older, I sent them out to Higgins to catch the early morning bus to the transfer station where they switched lines to get to school west of Russell. Mountain Line has always been safe and reliable and they felt a great sense of independence taking public transportation to school.

Missoula is growing and so is our need for this service. Mountain Line is committed to ensuring everyone can get where they need to go, when they need to get there - regardless of age, disability or income.

With our support, they can offer more service, more often while maintaining Zero-Fare. And better service with conversion to an electric fleet means less traffic, less demand for parking and cleaner air.

A vote FOR community bus service is a vote to improve quality of life for all Missoulians. This election vote FOR the Mountain Line mill levy.