I urge you to withdraw from the group of senators who intend to vote to reject the electors from certain “disputed” states. Manufactured concern in no way justifies an action overturning the will of the people. This matter has been litigated in suits brought in over 60 courts in numerous states.

Every suit failed because there was no evidence to support the claim that voter fraud affected the election. Attorney General Barr’s investigation likewise found the same. This was because the states’ themselves had instituted effective ballot protection beforehand and then counted and recounted ballots before certifying their votes 

Additionally, as Senator Tom Cotton rightly points out, the maneuver you are now supporting would essentially end presidential elections and place power in the hands of which ever party controls Congress. Such an expansive transfer of power from the States to the Federal government should horrify any true conservative.

President Trump’s call to Georgia’s Secretary of State made clear that is exactly what he wants. His call alone should be enough to persuade you to rethink your position and withdraw from this pernicious and destructive assault on our democratic ideals and republican form of constitutional government.

George Corn, Hamilton