“It's easy finding reasons why other folks should be patient.” George Elliot, [Mary Ann Evans]  (1819 – 1880) an English novelist, poet, etc.

It seems that people of color are losing their patience with a large contingency of white America. I hear it in the voice of nearly every call-in to such shows as Thom Hartmann or Stephanie Miller and in nearly every podcaster or writer of color, for example two Native American’s, Michael and Dave on the Native Opinion podcast.  

In my opinion, the racist eruptive rebound from a Barack Obama presidency, then the stressful years of Trump with assaults on decency and norms, and in a strategic division of Americans has worn very thin the patience of Americans of color. They have just about had it with many traditional institutions of the nation. 

The storming of the seat of the government, the Capitol building, of which George Washington laid the cornerstone 227 years ago and representing all fifty states of this nation is of note. Many Capitol Police virtually rolled out a red carpet for an angry mob of white men and women, many armed, and at least one waving a confederate battle flag. 

This may be the back breaking straw with people of color. Seems the policing response hypocrisy among many in law enforcement is incapable of being hidden today. It is even clearly evident to a white like myself. I expect other whites to acknowledge this now. A nation is at stake.