VIDEO: Missoula students remember Florida’s 17 shooting victims during walkout

While not all Montana schools – or others in the country – supported students leaving class on Wednesday to participate in a gun protest and vigil, Sentinel Principal Ted Fuller permitted his students to do so at their own discretion – and with the permission of a parent.

He said many students feel strongly about the issue and the cause, and wanted to memorialize the 17 people killed in the Florida shooting. They read the names of the victims on Wednesday.

“In my tenure as principal, I have yet to see something that has galvanized and mobilized young people to the degree that this has,” Fuller said. “I always say to students in my role as principal that they’re the intellectual, creative engine of the future.

“So it’s inspiring and exciting to see students feel passionate about any cause, and organize and mobilize and believe they have a voice to influence change in their community. That’s a positive thing, regardless of what issue they’re championing.”