Community Voices: Elect Stacie Anderson to Ward 5 council seat

Stacie Anderson

Stacie Anderson does her homework.

As a retired teacher and current Montana state legislator, I appreciate a candidate who does her homework. Over the past several months, I have watched Stacie work hard to educate herself on the issues facing Missoulians and how decisions made by the Missoula City Council will affect the lives of those who call Missoula home.

She is bright, dedicated, and will work hard to find solutions to many of the tough issues facing our community.

My husband Pat and I have lived in the same home here in the South Hills of Missoula for close to 50 years and we have seen our fair share of Ward 5 candidates come and go. Few have excited us more than Stacie Anderson.

I have seen her work first hand through Carol’s List, and I know her passion and expertise would make her an outstanding asset to the Missoula City Council.

Join Pat and myself in voting for Stacie Anderson for City Council Ward 5.