Letters: Curtiss understands the entire job of being a county commissioner

Jean Curtiss has always fought for our community and we’re sounding the alarm that we need to fight for her, too.

Recently, we were at a Target Range candidates forum and Jean’s opponent suggested that the job of the Missoula County commissioner is to oversee the judicial system. That’s actually the one area of county government that our commissioners do NOT oversee.

We are also very concerned that it appears Josh Slotnick is taking stances on issues without even bothering to review scientific studies prepared for the county before stating a position.

However well-intentioned he might be, this is serious and troubling. We need a commissioner who understands the job and gets how to bring people together to solve complex issues.

We’ve listened carefully to Jean’s opponent and we feel he does not fully understand the job at hand. This is about who will fight for all of us on the county commission and who has built the kinds of lasting, working relationships to get things done for our communities.

Jean has a proven track record of getting things done for Missoula County – whether you live in the city or in our rural communities.

Whether it’s protecting our environment, improving public access to our public lands, protecting open space or bringing new jobs to Missoula County: we need Jean more than ever. And she needs our help.

Please join us in encouraging our friends and family to re-elect Missoula County Commissioner Jean Curtiss in the June 5, 2018 Primary Election.