Letters: State House candidate Nancy de Pastino listens to all sides

My husband and I are voting for Nancy de Pastino to represent us in Montana House District 91. We have known her for several years as a neighbor who cares about her community.

She is willing to listen to all sides of an issue and see the people behind the problems with compassion. It is this sense of fairness and justice that give us confidence in her ability to make sound decisions for the future of our community. But it is her courage that sets her apart from other politicians.

She will stand up for the things that are important to those she represents. We have seen her speak her mind and act on issues like gun safety and education in ways that show leadership, responsibility and also respect for all sides.

Politics should be about places where people can come together in civil conversation, voice differences and come to decisions about a way forward. Her willingness to take the lead even in difficult situations convinces us that Nancy de Pastino will be the person who can put our community’s trust back in that kind of politics.