Letters: Nancy de Pastino empowers students to follow her example

I am writing this out of deep admiration for Nancy de Pastino in order to encourage my fellow House District 91 residents to vote for Nancy in the Democratic primary on June 5.

I have attended the public school system my entire life, including as I now enter my second year at the University of Montana. The opportunities afforded to me could not be possible without the tireless work of legislators who have committed themselves to public service, an integral aspect of who Nancy is.

Through her work with Mom’s Demand Action, Nancy de Pastino has served Montana time and time again through her advocacy in the statehouse and by empowering hundreds of Montana students to follow in her footsteps.

The Missoula community is truly lucky to have to opportunity to elect Nancy de Pastino. When it has come to protecting those in Missoula who have needed it most, Nancy was there. Please vote for Nancy de Pastino in the primary for House District 91, to allow Nancy to continue to serve our city.

On behalf of my fellow University of Montana students, thank you Nancy for being an amazing advocate and mentor to us all.