Missoula County Dems: “Dehumanizing immigrants threatens us all”

First, they were animals; now they are an infestation.

President Trump’s characterization of immigrants has become a horrifying reality. The world has been watching as the United States rips immigrant children away from their families and locks kids in cages. Only now, when his support within his own party has collapsed is he attempting to shift course.

In a nation of immigrants, President Trump’s polices are anti-American. In a nation that protects children, his policies are anti-family. In a nation that believes in the truth and justice, his policies are immoral. We want our nation to stand as beacon of hope for people at home and around the world.

Missoula Democrats strongly condemn President Trump’s attacks on immigrants. Immigrants and refugees deserve basic human respect regardless of their legal status. We support legislation in Congress that would stop the Trump Administration’s cruelty without any conditions.

Treating immigrants as subhuman filters right down to Missoula. With the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement making arrests throughout Western Montana, how can we be sure that our local jail facilities and resources are not being misused for abusive treatment stemming from the top?

Dehumanizing immigrants threatens us all. If President Trump can get away with treating one group of people as subhuman, he can treat any of us that way.

Barb Merrifield is the communications director for the Missoula County Democrats; David Kendall is chair.