Montana Voices: Legislative candidate Winter represents business needs

As a member of Missoula’s business community, it’s important that my company invest in our community and I expect government to do the same. As my business grows each year, I work to provide my employees with the best compensation that I can.

It’s just as important that we contribute to the Missoula economy and culture in the process. A growing, vibrant city and state are essential to the health of our business market. That is why we must have a state government that invests in Montanans – through education, through healthcare, and through infrastructure.

Tom Winter is running for the Legislature and represents many of the principles that I find important – he’s a business owner himself and knows what it means to foster a business climate that favors true, tangible gains in wealth and quality of life for Montanans.

Tom will take those principles with him to the legislature and I strongly encourage you to consider voting for him.