Montana Voices: I-185 can help you or your loved ones quit smoking

Do you want your loved one to quit smoking? Do you want to quit smoking?

Research has shown that raising taxes on deadly tobacco products decreases smoking rates; I-185 can help you quit. Besides providing a financial incentive to quit or never start, the tax increase would generate revenues that would be put towards cessation programs and health care for seniors, veterans, and families.

As a doctor who cares about the future of our state, the time to act is now. More than 1,600 Montanans die every year from tobacco related disease. This costs Montanans more than $440 million every year.

I urge everyone to support I-185. Taking action now will lead to a healthier future for us all – you may save a life. You may save your life.

 Charles G. Jose, MD, MPH, is a Missoula physician.