Community Voices: Hertz hasn’t supported schools, small businesses

I am writing in support of Tom Winter for HD 96. I have had Adam Hertz as my representative and his voting record did not support “fighting for a strong education system,” as stated in his flyers.

He did not support early education programs, he ended school general block grants, he repealed the Quality Schools Grant and he voted against the school infrastructure bill (HB 265). We paid our state taxes, and instead of those grants and funds being returned to our local schools as in the past, the Legislature graciously allowed schools to go back to their local taxpayers and request them to pay again in the form of a permissive levy (SB 307).

It doesn’t matter how many cracked windows, leaking roofs or broken broilers a school has, teachers show up to teach every single day and students show up to learn every single day.

Finally, as a small business owner, he does not support other local small businesses. He has chosen to support companies from out of state and those that do not donate back to the local community.

My school and my taxes are burdened enough by Adam Hertz’s “support.” Vote for Tom Winter HD 96.