Conservative Missoula councilman recruits candidates for 2019 municipal election

Missoula is a special place. From the people who inhabit our city to the places that make our city unique and vibrant to the values we share with our neighbors, this place we call home is a treasure.  But Missoula is at a crossroads. Too many Missoulians are being pushed away by the lack of affordable housing, high taxes and poor economic opportunity. We can do better.

That’s why I’ve set a goal of finding, endorsing, and supporting candidates for every seat in the upcoming 2019 municipal elections. In order to meet this goal and elect fresh faces with new ideas onto the Missoula City Council, need your help.

The city of Missoula is made up of six geographical wards, each with two city council representatives who serve four-year terms. Elections are held on odd years, with six seats up for grabs in the 2019 election cycleCity council candidates must be qualified electors and reside in the ward they intend to represent. 

City council meets on Wednesdays during the day for committee meetings and at 7 p.m. on the first four Mondays of the month for general meetings. The council does not meet on holidays or the 5th Monday of the month. City council representatives receive a salary of approximately $15,000 per year, plus health and retirement benefits. The time commitment varies depending on the current workload, with an average of approximately 10 to 15 hours per week. 

Missoula’s municipal elections are non-partisan, althoughcampaign training and assistance knocking doors, distributing literature and raising funds is available from folks with political experience. Please help me recruit and elect city council representatives who are committed to a new direction for Missoula through an agenda of fiscal responsibility, lower taxes, housing affordability and a pro-jobs and pro-business regulatory environment! 

Find out what city ward you live in here: 


It’s been my pleasure to serve you on the Missoula City Council over the past year. But if we’re going to create real, positive change in Missoula, we need new voices. Prospective candidates are welcome to call meJesse Ramos, for more information at 406-334-0785 or email me at jesselramosmt@gmail.com