Letter to editor: Dakota Hileman represents voice of a new generation

Dakota Hileman

Dakota Hileman is challenging Gwen Jones, who is running for reelection  in Ward 3 for Missoula City Council, and he is a honest and vocal patriot, and a voice of a new generation, representative of the passing of a torch to new future leaders.

As a graduate from the University of Montana in political science (Class of 1982), and former Bureau Chief for the Department of Public Health and Human Services, I endorse Dakota for City Council in my former hometown, and current home of my daughter and granddaughter. 

I’m a fourth generation Montanan, and Missoula is very dear and close to my heart, and central to three generations of my family.

Four main reasons I endorse Dakota:

  1. Dakota supports making Missoula a greener, more environmentally-friendly city.
  2. Dakota will advocate for complete LGBTQ equality in Missoula, by advocating for the continuation of the non-discrimination policies currently have in place.
  3. Dakota advocates for a new approach to a community based universal mental health-care system, and voices “ it is a major step in the right direction …  and would be in support of Missoula doing the same.
  4. Dakota is inspiring other young people to run for office too, and helping to normalize it, talking of being a “part of a movement” that is “difficult” but “meaningful.”

As a baby boomer, I can support these efforts, and I hope Missoula will vote for Dakota in Ward 3 for Missoula City Council.

Rick Norine writes from Helena.