Dakota Hileman: I’m running for City Council “to stop the wasteful spending”

Dakota Hileman, Ward 3

My name is Dakota Hileman and I am running for Missoula City Council in Ward 3. One of the primary reasons I have decided to run is because spending in this city has gotten way out of control and I think we owe it to the people of our city to stop the wasteful spending and to start being more fiscally responsible.

Our city council should be a representation of what the people want, but it’s not—as I talk to people in my ward and all across Missoula, the thing I hear the most from them is that they want the taxes to be lowered and they want a city council that listens to them.

If our city leaders were listening to us, they wouldn’t keep exponentially raising the taxes on Missoulians, they would do what they were elected to do—find ways to provide city services without continually putting more and more of a burden on us.

Frankly, if they can’t come up with ways to fund essential needs for our city without the need to continually raise taxes, then we should vote them out and elect leaders that will truly advocate for the needs of the people.