Letter to the editor: Websters urge support for Ward 3 Councilwoman Gwen Jones

We are writing in support of Gwen Jones for Ward 3 city councilor.

Four years ago, Gwen was elected to this position and has since proven her competence and dedication.  She has dug into issues through research and one on one conversations with experts to educate herself before deciding her vote.  She understands that issues which may appear simple on the surface can be far more complicated underneath.

Gwen is always readily available to her constituents to explain such issues in a clear and concise fashion.  She addresses our questions through timely emails or personal meetings over coffee.

Her hard work on specific legislation and special projects has benefited our community. The Registered Apprenticeship Bid Preference helps growth in the trades in Missoula. Gwen has served as one of two City Council liaisons on the Fox Triangle Working group to create a good vision for the development of a dormant asset in Missoula.

Additionally, Gwen has spent time educating herself on the intricacies of our property tax system and state laws, enabling her to understand ways the council may influence legislation toward tax reform.

We’ve known Gwen for over 15 years and witnessed her diligence and hard work in any task she has taken on.  She treats others with respect. Please join us in voting for Gwen when your ballot arrives in the mail!

Lori and Thomas Webster