AG candidate Kimberly Dudik: I’ll defend your equal right to vote

Rep. Kimberly Dudik, D-Missoula

Safeguarding the rights of Montanans, including the equal right to vote, the fundamental bedrock of our nation, is a pillar of my Montana Attorney General campaign. Every citizen in our state should have confidence that every election, from those for President to city council, is fair and free. We live in the greatest democracy in the world and as Attorney General I will fight to protect this fundamental right.

Montana needs a comprehensive approach to safeguarding our right to vote, including keeping dark money out of our elections so the voices of everyday Montanans, not rich and powerful special interests, are heard; ensuring voting rights of all eligible voters; and fighting back against attempts to infringe on our right to vote.

As Attorney General I will fight to protect against any restrictions that cause disenfranchisement for any citizen eligible to vote, especially our military service members and Native American communities. Most importantly, we need an Attorney General who has a proven record and the know-how to protect our elections — my record shows I am that champion.

I have fought to protect Montana’s elections and our right to vote for the past eight years as a state legislator. I have:

· Fought against anonymous and dark money

· Banned foreign money in our elections

· Supported same-day voter registration and online voter registration

· Ensured adequate funding for satellite voting sites

· Pushed for increased election transparency

· Fought back against attempts to limit our right to vote, especially in Indian Country

I’m running for Attorney General to be a fighter who protects the integrity of our elections because more needs to be done.

Having spent eight years making laws to protect citizens’ rights and make government work for us, I know what needs to be done and how to do it. I will:

· Uphold the Voting Rights Act to better protect the rights of all Montanans at their polling place

· Protect the right to vote for Indigenous people and fight against attempts to require street addresses in order to register to vote

· Ensure military service members and others living abroad do not have their right to vote infringed upon by unreasonable requirements

· Keep dark money out of our elections which dilutes the voices of everyday Montanans

· Ensure citizens who have served their time in the criminal justice system can exercise their lawful right to vote

· Make registering to vote as easy as possible, including using automatic voter registration

As a mother, a nurse, a prosecutor and a legislator, I have spent my entire career fighting for justice and to protect our rights — and as Attorney General, I will do the same for Montana.

Kimberly Dudik; Member, Montana House of Representatives

Kimberly has served the people of Montana as a registered nurse specializing in neonatal intensive care, a Deputy Gallatin County Attorney, and an Assistant Montana Attorney General. She is Chairperson for the Legislative Finance Committee, Chairperson for the Council of State Governments West, and Immediate Past Chairwoman of the National Foundation for Women Legislators. She is a Democratic Candidate for Montana Attorney General.