Letters: LivePD with Missoula County Sheriff’s Department raises questions

While watching the recent episodes of LivePD, I have come to wonder why Missoula has detectives, captains, and even the sheriff working night shift Fridays and Saturdays?

They recently told local media that they hoped this would be a recruitment tool and a positive reflection on our community. Instead I see an embarrassing situation where a few overpaid people with nothing better to do are so anxious to get their fifteen minutes of fame that the good work of our officers in uniform is outshined by the fact that some people just can’t seem to step out of the spotlight.

Considering that one such policing “celebrity” is currently under scrutiny as we anxiously await the resolution of yet another lawsuit against the MCSO based on his actions, I have to wonder what exactly is Sheriff McDermott thinking? I’m positive that better representation could be found among the ranks of hardworking officers.

Perhaps none of them want to take part in the circus that Mr. McDermott is ring-leading. I also wonder just how much our taxes are paying for these folks to work overtime just to be on TV before their careers end. Haven’t we already paid for that enough already?

Jim Wilson, Lolo