Letters: Dear Sen. Daines, please allow witnesses and documents in Senate trial

Dear Senator Daines,

I write to plead that you act decisively to allow witnesses and documents in the current Senate impeachment proceedings. Only by so doing can the president be given a fair trial. Without a fair trial, any exoneration through the Senate’s trial will be meaningless.

I do not ask that you vote at the conclusion to remove the sitting president from office, merely that you permit him to be tried with the same sorts of testimony and evidence that would be brought against any citizen of this country in a comparable trial in local, state, federal or other courts.

According to the polling I heard reported from reputable sources January 22, 2020, approximately 70% of the United States populace wants witness and documents. Please show your leadership. Your thoughtfulness. Your reasonableness. Do you really want your legacy in the history of this country to be voting to suppress witnesses, evidence and testimony, thus creating a kangaroo court for this important moment?

Vote to allow the witnesses whom and documents which the impeachment managers or defense counsel request.

Thank you for your consideration and your service.

– Marcia Williams