Crowded PSC forum – not preferred candidate – left some unseated at event

Tonight at the successful PSC District 4 Democratic Candidate Forum, a group of 10-20 people were organizing strategy about how to support their preferred candidate and delayed seating long enough that the theater was full by the time they got inside, despite the Roxy adding as many extra chairs to the theater as fire code allowed.

When the group of supporters was told there were no more seats and that they were not going to be allowed to stand in the hallway, their heated interactions with the theater staff caused the staff to let them know that if they didn’t leave, law enforcement would be called.

The supporters are claiming that they were not allowed into the theater because of who they support, which is absolutely unfounded. The capacity of the theatre was reached and those coming after seats were filled simply could not be accommodated. The forum was live streamed by MCAT and is available on their Facebook page.

The Missoula County Democrats are steadfast in our commitment to remain neutral in all Democratic primaries, and we have continued to work to provide platforms and opportunities for our local voters to hear from all their primary contenders.

We are grateful to the Roxy Theater for housing this forum and appreciate their role in our community.

It is highly unlikely a Roxy Theater employee would have known who supported which candidate.

We are thrilled that there is so much interest in this critical race but sorry we ran out of seating. Future forums will have larger venues.

It is important to focus on electing a Democrat to the PSC, we don’t wish to have infighting.

We are thrilled so many voters showed up. We are thrilled people are passionate about candidates and this race. Standing room only for a local area race is something to celebrate!

It is critical we elect a Democrat to represent this area on the PSC so that people have a voice. The commission is currently all Republicans. All three Democratic candidates demonstrated their passion for representing citizens and pushing back against corporate power.

All three candidates are passionate about climate change and how they can affect positive change toward sustainable energy in our state. All three candidates are an excellent choice in November. We are lucky to have great people to choose from in this primary.

Our next Democratic Forum is for the Attorney General race – March 11th at Urey Hall at the University of Montana.

Karen Wickersham is the chair of the Missoula County Democrats