Voices: Enough with the backyard campfires – they’re illegal and smokey

As Missoulians think about ways to support their at risk neighbors during the pandemic please consider how many households in Missoula do not have the ability to cool down their houses without opening their windows in the evening.

Lately I’ve noticed a rise in the city of backyard campfires and not the hot dry wood type that produce little smoke.

Did you know that it is illegal to have a backyard campfire in the city limits and your neighbor or a passerby can call (406) 258-4755 during regular business hours or call 911 to contact the fire department outside of business hours to report it?

Additionally you could receive a misdemeanor citation and $500 fine for each violation of this municipal code.

While I understand the desire to want to hang out with family next to a warm fire on a cool evening these are not normal times and require sacrifices by all of us. Please consider your at risk neighbors before you light your backyard campfire.