Voices: We must take precautions to stop the virus before returning to normal

Do you drive Drunk? I certainly hope not.

Do you wear a face mask in public? I certainly hope so.

What do these have in common? Maybe more than you think.

If every drunk driver that wrecked only had a single vehicle accident and only injured or killed themselves, well, I’d be OK with that. But it never works out that way. The drunk survives and the family of 4 in the car they hit all get killed.

This Covid-19 coronavirus is highly contagious and can be easily spread by people who don’t show any symptoms. Just like a drunk driver endangers me, anyone with the coronavirus can pass it to me – just by breathing near me. And then I spread it too before I even know I have it.

A face mask helps contain the spread from those who have it and also gives a little protection to those they are around. Hand washing and hand sanitizer, gloves, masks and safe social distancing are inconvenient for sure but they’re the only way to stop this virus. And we must first stop it before we can start returning to normal.

Please do your part.

Mark Van Loon, Hamilton