Voices: Shannon O’Brien for Senate District 46

Shannon O’Brien is running for Montana Senate District 46 and is well suited for the job. Smart, outgoing, curious and a good listener, Shannon seeks information and learns from experts and constituents. She is articulate and authentic. Easy to talk with, she remembers the names of many of the people she has met while campaigning.

Shannon is a good leader and is actively involved in many community events and programs. She follows through and does what she says she will.

As education policy advisor for Governor Bullock, Shannon became a good advocate for early childhood education in Montana. She reached out to early childhood programs across the state to learn how quality preschools are run. Shannon knows that the children who are most likely to perform well throughout there school years had early learning opportunities as 3-to-5 year-olds.

With 25 years in public education and education policy, she is the best candidate to represent schools, children and families. A member of MEA-MFT, Shannon was a high school teacher and coach, and dean of the Montana College.

Shannon will work to build consensus and find solutions to challenging issues like climate change, education, health and housing. Shannon O’Brien will serve Montanans well if elected to Senate District 46.