Letters: Dudik is the qualified and proven leader Montana needs for AG

Kimberly Dudik is the qualified and proven leader Montana needs as Attorney General. I have been so impressed with her ability to bring people together to reform Montana laws and move Montana forward.

As Attorney General, she will prosecute hate crimes and racism, structural or overt, to the full extent of the law. Her work representing Montanans and prosecuting crimes shows she will tackle discriminatory laws and practices across Montana and make sure all Montanans, regardless of race and background, are treated equally.

We can also trust Kimberly will prioritize and continue her work started in the legislature to protect Montana’s Indigenous communities from violence and discrimination. Montana faces many problems that have been ignored and under-addressed for too long.

This includes the high rate of violence against women and girls, the epidemic of violence of Missing and Murdered Indigenous People, and methamphetamine use that is tearing our communities apart.

Only one candidate for Attorney General is talking about these issues, has experience in delivering effective change in these areas, and has a proven record of delivering results that make our lives better.

Kimberly Dudik is running for Attorney General and will continue her record of bipartisan progress as Attorney General to finally address the many problems that have been ignored for too long. I am supporting Kimberly for Attorney General because she is the most qualified person running for the position and we need her leadership.

Please join me in supporting Kimberly Dudik for Montana Attorney General.