Letters: Dudik the champion we need as Montana’s next Attorney General

I fully support Kimberly Dudik serving as Montana’s next Attorney General.

Kimberly has been a strong, proven advocate of equality in Montana for everyone, including those in the LGBTQ+ community, fighting for reform in Montana’s laws so people are not discriminated against and are treated equally under the law.

Kimberly was part of changing Montana’s criminal laws to ensure equal protection for all Montanans when they are assaulted by their partner, regardless of the other person’s gender. Kimberly is forward-thinking and a proven true leader, developing innovative solutions to the problems Montanans face every day.

Kimberly is the proven fighter we need as Attorney General to move Montana forward. She is committed to fighting for dignity and equality for all Montanans. Please join me in supporting her to be Montana Attorney General and vote Kimberly Dudik for Attorney General on June 2nd.