Letters: Raph Graybill is the Attorney General we need in Montana

I first met Raph Graybill while running for office.  He immediately asked me “how can I help?” Graybill is now Governor Bullock’s Chief Legal Counsel, running for Attorney General to help the people of Montana.

The Attorney General is often referred to as the State’s top cop. But the Attorney General’ job is so much more than being a prosecutor. The Attorney General is the people’s lawyer, it’s your advocate. Graybill’s vision is to make the Attorney General’s office our independent watchdog again, a fighter who stands up to powerful and wealthy interests. And he will.

Graybill won a landmark victory in court to protect our access to public lands. Graybill also beat the Trump Administration, keeping dark money out of our elections. And Graybill has a plan to protect consumers from price gouging by pharmaceutical corporations and will defend Montanans with pre-existing conditions.

As County Treasurer, my job depends on the effectiveness of the Attorney General and Graybill is the only candidate running that has spoken with me and asked “how can I help?”

Raph Graybill has the experience and vision we need in the Attorney General’s Office. Please join me in supporting Raph Graybill for Attorney General.