Voices: I want a fighter in my corner, and that’s Raph Graybill as AG

We’re all suffering a little more anxiety than normal these days. I normally worry about attacks on pensions and collective bargaining; I lose sleep over privatization and money in politics.

Now this global pandemic is heaped on the worry list and I, like the rest of Montana, am doing what I can to flatten the curve. I’m staying at home, sewing masks, and waiting it out. One relief while I’m “waiting it out” is to picture Montana’s future with Raph Graybill as Attorney General.

I know Raph Graybill will stand up for workers. When the Supreme Court wrongly decided Janus, Raph was there to defend our rights to collectively bargain and have a voice in our workplace. I know Raph will stand up against privatizers and profiteers.

He’s on the right side in the Espinoza case being decided right now in the Supreme Court. He defended Montana’s constitution and its authors against those who would profit off of public education while locking some students out of it entirely.

I know Raph will stand up against dark money in politics because Raph stood up against the IRS to uphold Montana’s strong campaign finance laws.

The Attorney General has a say in myriad issues that affect working Montanans. For the foreseeable future, I want a fighter in my corner. Raph has a long future ahead of him in Montana politics, starting with Attorney General.

Amanda Curtis is a former legislator and president-elect of MFPE, Montana’s largest labor union