Letters: Little sister vouches for Olszewski; “He’s humble and kind”

I’m biased, but even if Dr. Al Olszewski wasn’t my big brother, what other candidate would buy a bus, put his face on it, and drive it around our large state of Montana? Before Covid19, he went out personally to earn the trust of Montana’s citizens.

Can you even imagine what he’ll do for Montana if he’s elected? I know, because being his little sister, I’ve always looked up to my brother. I know his character and often wonder how I’m related to him. He’s humble and kind.

Being the oldest of 7 children, Al was our role model. He gave his best at everything. My dad laid carpet for a living and sacrificed much to provide for our family. My mom did as well. She worked at home raising us. After she got us through school, she went back and became an LPN.

Both of my parents gave us the gifts that truly matter in life; faith in Jesus, a loving family and the knowledge that a hard work ethic, combined with a quality education is a gift and can be the key out of poverty. These humble beginnings made Al the man he is today. He will fight for those who have nothing, or have it hard, because he knows what it’s like to go without.

Al’s a brilliant doctor. He is also veteran who went to Haiti after the earthquake, not because he had to, but because he wanted to. He adopted 2 children who are not considered adopted, but specifically chosen by God to be in our family. He has experience in knowing firsthand what is wrong with the healthcare system and the expertise in knowing how to fix it.

I’m blessed to call his wife and children my family. I had the privilege of having Sunday dinners with his older kids while they attended Carroll College. They’re truly the salt of the earth.

What I will always be most thankful for is that when my baby, Matthew, was born with a fatal heart defect and was dying in the hospital, Al was there to take his pulse and call his death. The morning my husband lost his battle to brain cancer, he canceled everything and came straight to the hospital.

When I was at my worst battling grief, he’d check on me while he lived in Helena during the legislature. After a long day, he’d minister to me by making dinner and loving on his broken-hearted nephews. Last winter, in his suit and tie, he came to my house, grabbed my boys, a snow shovel and cleared my driveway. When he noticed Ryan, my youngest, wearing my boots, he went and bought him a pair of his own.

In June, please vote for Dr. Al Olszewski who is a native Montanan, veteran and honest person. If nothing else, vote for him because he bought a bus, put his face on it and drove it all over our beautiful state, so he could earn your vote.

Kathy Brandt of Helena, Montana