Voices: Whitney Williams the right choice to lead Montana into the future

Montana is changing, and Whitney Williams is the right person, right now, to lead Montana into the future.

Whitney brings a storied history of national and international business experience to the table. She has a demonstrated ability to bring diverse stakeholders together to accomplish big and challenging goals during times of difficulty – exactly what is needed now in Montana.

She is the only Democrat who can counter Gianforte’s claim to be the sole candidate in the race with the necessary business acumen to run the Governor’s office.

Whitney and her running mate Buzz Mattelin will fight for every Montanan by creating jobs, opening up trade for Montana agriculture, protecting our public lands, ensuring that all women, men and kids have access to affordable quality health care, and making sure our children have a quality public education and apprenticeship training.

Whitney solves complex problems by being decisive, courageous, and honest. These are attributes and qualities we need in our next Governor.

Pat served as a justice on the Montana Supreme Court between 2001 and 2016, and Mike served as Montana’s 39th United States Attorney for the District of Montana between 2009 and 2017 under President Barack Obama. We’ve learned a thing or two about good leadership.

There is honor in a lifetime of public service, but new challenges call for new leadership, and these challenges call for Whitney Williams.

Pat and Mike Cotter graduated from Notre Dame Law School in 1977. They practiced law together in their law firm of Cotter & Cotter in Great Falls. Mike is a U.S. Army veteran and spent more than 40 years as a Montana trial lawyer. He is a member of the American Board of Trial Advocates.