Dombrouski: Vote for better healthcare this November

Providence Montana CEO Joyce Dombrouski

Now more than ever, it is imperative that voters participate this Election Day. Our nation is not just facing the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, but also significant unemployment, which means that millions of people are temporarily depending on federal and state programs and support.

As we look for better days ahead, we can’t think of a more crucial time for communities to come together and make our voices heard on Nov. 3.

This year, voters will decide the future of many programs and services, such as Medicaid, which 72 million Americans, including 278,217 Montanans, depend on for the quality care they need. And Medicaid Expansion has covered an additional 84,894 people in our state.

Millions more depend on the health insurance marketplaces, and the results of this upcoming election will play a critical role in deciding who keeps or loses these lifesaving programs.

In Missoula and Polson, there are many health-related issues that affect us on a daily basis, including housing and homelessness, access to healthy food — especially for kids that depend on school meals, and access to mental health services.

Every vote matters. No matter where you live, I urge you not to leave your vote on the table. Get out there and vote! Whether absentee, vote by mail, or at the polls on Election Day, now is the time to take part in the democratic process.

At Providence, we believe that health is a human right, and everyone deserves the best possible quality of life. The future of health must be inclusive, just and fair for all. Vote for health this Nov. 3. Take action, register to vote, and learn more about the issues at providence.org/vote.

Joyce Dombrouski, Chief Executive at Providence Montana