Letters: Postal changes threaten delivery of vital medications

I’ve had two kidney transplants, and I depend on immunosuppressants to prevent my body from rejecting the new kidney.

My insurance requires that I receive my medication through the USPS. I could die if my medication does not come in the mail on time.

The procedural changes that Postmaster General DeJoy has made have delayed mail delivery all over the county. I’m incredibly worried that these changes and the federal government’s inability to appropriately fund the USPS will cause my own medication to be delayed.

I shouldn’t have to live in fear for my life because partisan politics have infiltrated the Postal Service. Montana is an ultra rural state, and without the Post Office many of us won’t receive the medications we need. Congress needs to do its job to fully fund the USPS and reverse procedural changes that continue to cause costly and deadly delays.  

Vickie Jacobsen, Havre