Letters: Politicians who sow division have no place in office

On a near daily basis, Republican politicians remind us why their party no longer functions as a legitimate American political party, and the mainstream media should cease treating is as such. Today’s Republican politicians bear no resemblance to forebears like Lincoln, Eisenhower or Theodore Roosevelt.

Something is wrong when—in order to win votes—an entire group of elected politicians tries to make it harder for people to vote, harder (and more expensive) for sick people to get healthcare, and turns a blind eye to blatant corruption.

If Republican politicians have to rely on undermining longstanding American democratic institutions and values in order to build and maintain power, then they are no longer legitimately functioning as part of the U.S. political system. Instead, they have become a radical, anti-American cult, regularly demonstrating contempt for their constituents.

Politicians who build power by sowing division and discord among Americans are a detriment to civil society—irrespective of policy goals and ideology. And that is exactly what the modern Republican Party has become.

I encourage my fellow citizens of all political leanings to vote AGAINST EVERY Republican politician on your ballot—for they have forgotten not only what it means to be a leader, but what it means to be an American.