Letters: Press must explore Gianforte’s religious beliefs, understanding of science

It frustrates me that the press has not dug more into Greg Gianforte’s extreme religious beliefs and the consequences to all of us of those beliefs, if he is elected governor.

He believes dinosaurs and humans roamed the earth at the same time, and that we do not need Social Security and Medicare because Noah worked until he was 600 years old and never had them, so why should we? He supports defunding Social Security and Medicare and repealing the Affordable Care Act that mandates coverage for preexisting conditions.

Gianforte rejects evolution, climate change, and other important scientific concepts. Currently, he rejects the evolving science around the Covid pandemic. He does not practice or endorse mask wearing, social distancing, or other habits that will keep us safe in the months to come.

Gianforte wants to funnel our public tax dollars to private religious schools like his Petra Academy, which discriminates against children with disabilities and promotes his religion as being equal to science. The only “science” he appears to believe in is computer science, because that is where he made the millions he is now pumping into his own campaign.

What happens when we start allowing fringe people like Gianforte to determine social and health policy? Our public schools, our health care system, our environment, and everything else that depends upon rigorous scientific (not religious) principles stand to suffer.  Please, do not elect this man to make policy for our state. We will all lose.