Letters: Gianforte’s buying his way into the governor’s office

Archeological evidence suggests that indigenous people inhabited what we now know as Montana as far back as 50,000 years ago. If so, they had been here 44,000 years when Greg Gianforte’s god created his world.

In Greg’s world, public service is not a real job. In reference to Mike Cooney’s 44 years of public service, Gianforte says, “he’s never had a real job…” Despite this, Greg seeks the highest-level public service job in the state.

In fact, he has been willing to invest three million dollars of his own money in the campaign. Then he plans to forgo his salary if he wins.

In Greg’s world, this might make sense, but not to the average working Montanan. Three million dollars, pocket change to someone as wealthy as Greg Gianforte, is 57 times the average income in Montana ($52,559). That’s almost an annual income for each of the years Gianforte has been alive.

Greg’s god created a wonderful world for him a short time ago. This election, let’s send Greg Gianforte back to that world where he can play with his money and his rich friends. Vote for Mike Cooney, who will continue a tradition of integrity, stewardship and common sense.