Opinion: Legislative discrimination against transgender youth hurts real human beings

We are a group of teenagers who stand up for what we believe in. We think that transgender kids and their families deserve just as much medical care and access to activities as anyone else.

Bill HB 112 will cause transgender youth to participate in sports at a lower rate, aiding to a less healthy lifestyle. Not being able to participate in sports as the identified gender can have a very negative effect on the mental health of trans youth causing them to feel alienated and keeping them from participating. This can be detrimental to both physical and mental health.

Bill HB 113 will make it very difficult, if not impossible for transgender youth and their families to get the medical help if they choose to physically transition. This can cause trans kids to experience high levels of dysphoria.

Body dysphoria can in turn cause depression and/or eating disorders in an attempt to have some control over their body. No family or child will ever be forced to use hormones or surgery; this bill does not protect children! Decisions about gender affirming medical care are made carefully between the adolescent, their family, their therapist and their doctors.

Having the government make a law restricting this would be inappropriate, dangerous and discriminatory.

These bills are unjust and detrimental to trans youth and their family members by preventing them from presenting as who they are. Overall, these bills can and will cause the physical and mental health of transgender youth to plumment, and to put unnecessary stress on kids and their families.

To help us get these bills declined, you can email the House Judiciary Committee telling them why you think they should vote NO, or email your representative and tell them to vote NO. Another way you can help is by spreading the word! Tell your friends to contact the committee and tell them about the damage these bills could do.

You can also call your legislator, especially if they are in the house, and ESPECIALLY if they are in the judiciary committee. Help us kill these bills!

Thank you!

Lydia Becker, Cas Hood, Mayana Kantor, Elizabeth Franzen, Margo Pence and Gabby Morelli