Letters: Reverend opposes proposed baiting, trapping, strangling of wolves

Please know that as a long time former resident of rural Alaska, outside of Fairbanks, and as a gun owning woman who has hunted moose, caribou and deer in the remote bush, I protest your permitting the baiting, trapping and unlimited hunted of wolves, especially.

I have butchered, frozen, smoke jerked, tanned hides of many a large animal but I am presently, in my old age, a resident of rural Oregon where the warmer temperatures agree better with my aged body.

Sierra Club and other organizations have identified the major threat to wildlife populations as the human excess population, and our destruction of animal habitat and damage to all ecosystems. Moose, caribou, elk, deer, muskox, mountain sheep and goats all are a part of the greater balance of this world.

Before the encroachment of European populations, there were millions of wild ungulates cohabiting with predators like wolf, mountain lion, bear and fox. The only real change and reduction of these wild populations has been the result of humans changing the balance.

Do NOT allow this wanton murder of wolves. Take responsibility for our actions in damaging this beautiful planet and killing our fellow predators. Oregon has stopped the killing of wolves and not found any reduction of game.

The Rev. Alice Orsini