Letters: State Republicans on an unprecedented power grab, attack on judiciary

It’s a crazy thing. Democrats and Republicans live side-by-side in our rugged state, priding ourselves on our independence and neighborliness. But when it comes to our current crop of legislators, it seems that cooperation flies out the window.

At the start of this legislative session, Democrats made clear their priority was to create jobs and expand opportunities for Montana families.

They rolled out a series of policy packages meant to do just that by lowering health care costs, cutting taxes for Montana working families, strengthening public education. Several pieces of legislation were signed into law.

Republicans, however, have focused their energies into an unprecedented barrage of attacks on the judiciary as they look to take over an independent branch of government and remove the last checks and balances on their power.

It’s obvious that Republicans came into this session with enacting an unprecedented partisan power grab, their number one priority.

Democrats will continue to fight attacks on the freedoms of all Montanans and advance policies that help families in every part of the state thrive.

Let us all hold accountable the representatives we send to Helena. All of them, Democrats and Republicans. Let’s remind them that they work for US.