Letters: Parties must stop playing politics with climate change and fix it

Yes, we must stop climate change before problems like the heat dome in the U. S. and Canada recently get worse.

Yes, carbon pricing is the most effective way to reduce fossil fuel emissions.

Democrats seem to think government spending and regulations will slow climate change enough, but they will not, and they will hurt the economy. Republicans seem to be hoping Democrats will fail to do anything or will do something so bad the next election will return the majority in Congress to Republicans.

We all need to quit playing politics and pass H. R. 2307.  It will stop climate change while stimulating the economy, protecting the poor, and allowing everyone to make the choices that make sense for each situation. There is a border adjustment that will keep trade fair while pushing other nations to put a price on carbon or pay us taxes.

One part of the story that is often missed is that H. R. 2307 will lead to energy conservation. For example, if air conditioning gets more expensive because of the fee, we will find it worthwhile to add insulation.