Letters: Enough with the partisanship and confirm Stone-Manning

Enough of the partisan mudslinging. It’s time to confirm Tracy Stone-Manning as the next director of the Bureau of Land Management.

Despite her long record of success including initiating the removal of the Milltown Dam and getting Superfund money for Clark Fork River restoration, political partisans are fixated on her time as a college student.

College is a time when young people are exposed to new ideas and experiences. If your whole life is based on your college days then many people would be disqualified from public service including a current Supreme Court justice.

Stone-Manning is eminently qualified and someone I consider to be a centrist on public land management issues. I have not and probably will not agree with all her decisions.

Her job will be to serve the American people in a fair and unbiased manner and she is the best person for that job.

Mike Bader, Missoula