Marler: Dorie Gilels right pick for Missoula City Council

Rep. Marilyn Marler, D-Missoula.

Please join me in supporting Dori Gilels for City Council. Dori has lived in Missoula for nearly 28 years, stacking up experience and communication skills that will help us solve complicated problems facing Missoula, including housing, conservation, and recovering from the pandemic. 

She is thoughtful, she aks questions and then listens, and she can communicate respectfully with those who have different opinions.

Dori earned a Master’s degree from UM and raised a Hellgate High graduate. Her diverse work history reflects her values: director of an environmental non-profit, the co-publisher of Mamalode Magazine, and volunteer board member for Mountain Home and Planned Parenthood.

She even worked in the service sector as a rafting guide.  All this experience, public service and demonstrated commitment to women, families and the environment will inform her decision making on the City Council. 

We need our elected officials to have a work ethic and the ability to understand complexity in the problems around us.  We need Dori Gilels on the City Council.

Marilyn Marler; Representative for HD 90 and former Missoula City Council president